Mechanical Engineering, Structural Analysis, Regulatory Compliance, and Project Management.

Objective: Engineering Manager


- Multidisciplinary background, firm theoretical base, excessive practical experience, developed computer skills, and knowledge of the relevant legislative regulations.

- Ability to organize, motivate and keep engineering team focused to achieve on time delivery of multiple projects (from simple small to large complex).

- Concentration on continuous improvement. Ability to establish and follow product development process from concept, design, prototype, and testing phases through to completion identifying sustainable, cost-effective, manufacturing friendly, and �poka-yoke� idiot-proof solutions.

- Leadership in interdepartmental and cross-organizational projects. Ability to identify and mitigate risks, find critical pass, and optimize use of resources to stay within budget limits through the project lifetime. Strong troubleshooting skills.

- Experience in communication with customers, government agencies, plaintiffs� lowers, certification authorities, vendors, contractors, etc. 

- Multi-tasking skills. Ability to work under pressure in fast changing environment. 


In my life I started many projects in the areas that were new and undiscovered for me at the time. All these projects were successfully accomplished.

At the moment I�m looking for opportunities in Energy Sustainability. As per ASME�s opinion this is an engineering field that is open for multidisciplinary professionals with strong engineering science background.  I believe that�s what I am.



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